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Membership Levels

ALBC offers four levels of Membership: Sponsor, Corporate, Small company / Not-for-Profit and Individual, and there are different packages of benefits offered for each level. Contact us to find out more detailed  benefits for each Membership level.


Sponsor Member

Companies seeking to actively promote their business, gain exclusive visibility and special membership benefits. The annual fee or its equivalent is negotiable case-by- case.


Corporate Member

All incorporated businesses that have more than 5 employees across all branches, affiliates or subsidiaries.

Annual fee A$ 300 


Small Company / Not-for-Profit Member

All incorporated businesses that have less than 5 employees across all branches, affiliates or subsidiaries.

Non-governmental and not for profit organisations, public institutions and public enterprises of unrestricted size are eligible for this membership level.

Annual fee A$ 100 


Individual Member

Applies to individuals who do not represent any company or organisation. Should an Individual Member establishes an enterprise and wishes to promote his/her business, the membership will have to be changed into Sponsor, Corporate or Small Company membership.

Annual fee A$ 50 


As a self-funded organisation we are always open to mutually beneficial partnerships and may negotiate “in kind” terms with members in lieu of the joining or subscription fees.